We Will Have Our Country Back!

The Message on the Streets – driving the message into the public consciousness – Britain Awake!
Forget the Green Party wild plans, false promises and carbon neutral schemes – think Blood and Soil.
Within Days of announcing a General Election for the UK electorate, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced future plans for National Service in Britain. Strange because British Movement has already circulated British National Socialist plans for a system of National Service – perhaps some Whitehall civil servant read the BM policy and copied and pasted it.

The British Movement policy on National Service has been around long before the desperate Conservative Party announcement by unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. A policy that the British government either Conservative or Labour will not actually put in place.

Fourteen Words – the motto on which to take our country back!

British Movement: Revolution From Below. Part 1.

Part 1. The White Towns Strategy. It is always best to seek out a receptive public when initiating a new campaign on the streets. Several years ago British Movement introduced the ‘White Towns Strategy’, which took literature distribution into town centres, specifically targeting smaller towns, market towns and shire towns which had little or no ethnic minority populations.

Campaigning on the Streets in Britain in 2024. The old street politics tactics are no longer possible in the UK in 2024, the restrictions on protests, marches or static demonstrations and ‘two tier policing’ make it imperative that British NS and racial Nationalists have to take extra care not to provoke an oppressive response from the Police. A prime example of ‘two tier policing’ and the shift in what is permitted by ‘woke’ authorities was the aggressive action by the Metropolitan Police towards patriots in Whitehall on the Remembrance weekend November 11th 2023. Over 100 patriots were rounded up in a mass arrest, only to be released without charge many hours later. On the same weekend the MET Police stood back as left-wing pro-Palestine, pro-Gaza demonstrators marched through central London and broke any number of Public order regulations without any arrests.

Britain in the 21st Century needs National Socialism to overturn decades of political corruption and national decay.
Fourteen Words – a motto the political Left hates….
The British state must not be allowed to continue ‘two-tier policing’ and wrongly labelling British racial Nationalists and National Socialists as “extremists” and potential terrorists. The arrests and persecution of patriots must end.
These ideas need to be pushed forward into every British household.
An appeal to British youth to look towards a real future.

Britain Awake!

Propaganda – Propaganda – Propaganda. British Movement believes that winning the propaganda war on the streets and in the homes of the White British is the vital step forward in building a British National Socialist ‘Revolution From Below’. The average White British adult can now see that the main establishment political parties have wrecked our national economy, have betrayed British culture, heritage and traditions and have totally undermined our nation’s ethnic heritage. A multi-racial, multicultural Britain is a disaster and our major urban centres are becoming a focus for Third World attitudes, cultures and values, not British values. London is supposed to be Britain’s capital city but the ethnic makeup of London’s population no longer reflects Britain, the White British are now an ethnic minority in Greater London. That is a recipe for future turmoil and even greater social chaos. Diversity is NOT our strength it is a weeping, open wound in our national body.

The British people must realise that the Fourteen Words is the only political slogan worth following – We Will Have Our Country Back!

April 20th 2024 – 135 years on from his birth, the life of the Fuhrer is celebrated.

British National Socialists across the United Kingdom celebrated April 20th to mark the 135 anniversary of the birth day of Adolf Hitler. In Yorkshire BM activists held their annual ”Fuhrer hike’ across Ilkley Moor to the ‘Swastika Stone’ an ancient Aryan site of carved rocks.

April 20th 2024.British Movement activists celebrate the date at a pub meeting in Manchester. The ideological roots of British National Socialism remain strong.
Aryan women and girlsthese are the reason why the Fourteen Words are important to National Socialists worldwide.
And this tribute from the National Socialists at Devenire Europe.

Looking After Our Own!

Small scale but appreciated hand-outs for the homeless.

LOOKING AFTER OUR OWN! The British Movement social welfare project. Modern British National Socialism in action.

The British Movement social welfare project ‘Looking After Our Own’ is built on the model set down by the National Socialist DAP in the 1920’s and 1930’s; “Winterhilfeswerke” (WHW -Winter Help) and the later NSV.

Street propaganda campaigns help to spread the word.
Food hand outs for the homeless
Feeding the homeless, a BM activist giving hand-outs to the homeless in central Manchester :- there are over 7,000 homeless on the streets of Manchester and Salford, the majority are White British. But illegal immigrants and ‘asylum seekers’ are house in hotels and multi occupancy private rental houses at tax-payer’s expense. The Home Office pays out millions per week to house, feed, clothe, provide medical treatment etc. to ‘migrants’ but gives nothing to the British homeless.

Over the last twelve years or more British Movement has operated an on-going social welfare project ‘Looking After Our Own!’ which has fund raised, also ran collections at BM meetings called ‘Bring a Tin’, which organised food parcels for unemployed BM members, supporters and their families. This operated across the counties of England and Wales, as well as an experimental project in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, ‘Looking After Our Own!’ fund raised to cover funeral costs for bereaved BM families. ”Looking After Our Own!’ has also raised significant cash support for both BM members and known British Nationalists suffering from terminal illness or disabling conditions. The point being is that where State services fail to support, the NS network steps up.

Bring A Tin’ collection of foodstuff in Ulster awaiting distribution to impoverished families.
Ulster: The ‘Looking After Our Own” campaigns made it clear to those receiving the donated foodstuff exactly which organisation was behind the distribution.
No one ever refused the offered support.
Laying the foundations of the NS Folk Community.

Building strong support amongst White British folk is part and parcel of community politics, it demonstrates to non-political people exactly what British National Socialism is about and generates grass roots support for British Movement, especially in White working-class communities.

Building a support network outside the services provided by the State.
This is the first step towards the BM project -‘Community Build’.

So Now British Movement Are ‘Officially’ Classed As “Extremists”

Conservative Government have used the legal protection of ‘Parliamentary Privilege’ to name five organisations their ‘experts’ consider to be “extremist organisations” under new government definitions of what constitutes “extremism”. One of the five organisations so defined is BNSM – the British National Socialist Movement – more usually called BRITISH MOVEMENT.

Reproduced here is one of the mainstream media reports;

Michael Gove has named five groups that will be re-assessed as a result of the government’s new definition of extremism.
Speaking in the Commons, the communities secretary said two far-right organisations – the British National Socialist Movement and the Patriotic Alternative – and three Islamist organisations – the Muslim Association of Britain, Cage and Mend – were groups “we should be concerned” about.

The new definition described extremism as “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance” that aims to “negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others” or “undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights”.

So the Conservative Government is concerned to prevent a political movement from “overturning or replacing” the current shambolic, corrupt, rotating two party dictatorship system of government in the United Kingdom. Which since 1945 has usually meant that you can vote for any registered political party that you like as long as the majority party returned to power is either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. Officially sanctioned minority parties are allowed to be elected, such as the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the SNP in Scotland, Plaid Cymru in Wales, or assorted Unionist parties in Ulster, with the reluctant government tolerance of Sinn Fein. But radically racial Nationalist or British National Socialist parties and Movements will be kept away from challenging the capitalist and liberal/social democrat permanent control system.


British Government to Define ‘Extremism’ and to include “Far-Right extremism” as a legal definition.


The Government minister Michael Gove declared that the British National Socialist Movement (BNSM) – <British Movement> is an extremist organisation; by which he states that the Movement is involved in amongst other things “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance that aims to; undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights.”

Interestingly Michael Gove used parliamentary privilege to name BNSM amongst four other organisations, he was hiding behind a legal loophole knowing that if he made those accusations outside the House of Commons, in public, he was open to civil lawsuits for libel at the very least.

So being an organisation challenging the current corrupt, self-serving and ineffectual political system means that this organisation is extremist. So be it. But BNSM/BM is not extremist it is British National Socialist.

This makes BM/BNSM extremist.

The Liverpool Echo newspaper jumped onto the ‘extremist’ bandwagon with this report on March 7th 2024

Horrific Nazi poster found in city centre ‘not representative’ of Liverpool

The poster praised a leading member of the Nazi Party as a “martyr of peace”

The British Conservative Government says that BNSM – BRITISH MOVEMENT is extremist but BNSM/BM stands against terrorism and Islamic jihadist terrorism.

The Liverpool Echo is ‘appalled’ by the concept of the Fourteen Words.

British Movement: It is Time To Step Up!

Soon all forms of British National Socialist and British racial Nationalist expression will be branded as ‘extremist’ and ‘Hate speech’.

On Friday March 1st 2024 the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, (an unelected Prime Minister who is a multi-millionaire son of Indian Hindu immigrants), made a speech to the nation decrying the rise in “extremism” – essentially imported Islamist extremism affecting the British way of life and security of the nation, but for ‘balance’ he also condemned the threat of ‘Far-Right’ extremism.

By ‘Far-Right’ present day commentators include anyone and everyone with opinions and political ideas to the ‘right’ of the Conservative Party. Anyone opposed to Third World immigration or multiculturalism is automatically branded as “Far-Right”. Likewise any White British person who objects to any aspect of ‘Woke’ policy or ideology is branded as ‘Far-Right’.

As far as the political mainstream is concerned anyone or any organisation that challenges their outlook or their policies is an ‘extremist’ and is therefore automatically a “threat to democracy”. The State and its agencies are obsessed with shutting down any form of ideological challenge to the rotating dictatorship of the two mainstream political parties, other than the permitted also-rans such as the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party. Anything else is an ‘extremist’. The State agencies are these days very fond of labelling any kind of verbal or printed challenge to multiculturalism or ‘Woke’ as a “Hate Crime” , except of course if those speeches or printed challenges are made by Islamic protestors or the radical political Left. There are rumours currently circulating British politics that if a Labour Party government is elected to power in 2024, it will extend the range of words, statements and attitudes that will constitute a “Hate crime” and will certainly crack down on white British opposition to Islamist and Muslim culture, dress and political expression. After all the Labour Party will want to win back its falling levels of support amongst immigrant and Muslim communities by demonstrating that it is taking a hard line against ‘racism’ and ‘Islamaphobia.’

Resistance to the imposition of this tyranny requires our BM activists and supporters to step up, to raise the banners and launch a tidal wave of British Movement propaganda onto Britain’s streets before it is too late to act.

The System will not allow us to win through the ballot box so we must win on the streets.


The general levels of public dissatisfaction with the political mainstream is growing by the day. The White British are still the majority population of Great Britain, even though the liberal progressives try to portray otherwise. The distrust by the British public of the mainstream media continues to grow and alternative news outlets are undermining the mainstream narrative.

This is the time for radical political alternatives to the corrupt politics and the rotating dictatorship of the two main political parties of government at Westminster.

The time has come for British Nationalism, racial Nationalism, and the ultimate response by British National Socialists. BRITAIN AWAKE!

Campaigning on the Streets, using whatever propaganda outlet available, the time for sitting back, watching and waiting is over. We must stir the British folk out of their torpor, the time has come for the British to wake up. BRITAIN AWAKE!


Taking a Stand Against the Globalists – British NS Movement.

The World Economic Forum once again gathered the globalist elite in Davos, Switzerland for the WEF Annual meeting. January 2024 in Davos witnessed the fleets of private jet aircraft ferrying in the wealthy, the ultra rich and the global political manipulators.

The WEF gathers the vanguard of the globalist movement at Davos; the politicians, the billionaires, the technocrats, internationalist academics, plutocrats, international financiers and policy makers.

On the streets of the West Midlands – the British Movement position is made clear – a small gesture of defiance which is repeated across Britain on BM stickers.
In their own words – the thoughts behind the WEF’s leading thinkers and policy makers. The driving force behind the globalist agenda.

British Movement refuses to accept that the Globalist New World Order is inevitable. Internationalism and global capitalism are the opposite sides of the same destructive coin.

Globalism is the driving force behind the Great Replacement and the White British and all White Europeans must stand against it .
The White British will not become an ethnic minority in their ancestral homeland!