Scotland – fighting back against multi-culturalism

Perth this week Contrived media outrage over pro-White stickers. Just because the stickers stated that it is ‘OK TO BE WHITE’.

Why on earth should Police Scotland be involved in ‘investigating’ these stickers? If the stickers declared ‘Black Pride’ or ‘Gay Pride‘ there would be no comment or media outcry.

4 thoughts on “Scotland – fighting back against multi-culturalism”

  1. On the subject of the stickers,the message that should b taking from this is they’re really saying It’s not ok to b white,or else there would’ve been no outcry

  2. The traitors of the SNP and the media who support their agenda deserve the rope, there is nothing worse than a traitor at least an enemy stands and faces you as such, whereas a traitor lives amongst you as one of you whilst aiding your enemy from within.
    Anybody bringing LGBT into your community or promoting open borders or mixed marriages deserves the rope, journalists are paid propagandists who are equally as guilty as the communist traitors who call themselves a nationalist party.
    It is time to start fighting back before it is too late, these people are all legitimate targets, make them live in fear, give them what they deserve, make them pay in blood!

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