We Need To Build A National Socialist: ‘Alternative Ulster’

As the dust settles from the December 2019 General Election, Ulster is faced with both new problems and continuing problems. The pro-Republican elements in Northern Irish politics have gained ground, the old style compromised Democratic Unionists have lost ground and Stormont remains in dead-lock. Across the Province, the harsh reality is that the population make-up is changing, especially in cities like Belfast where increasing numbers of non-European and non-whites are starting to settle. Add to this the numbers of other unwelcome colonisers such as East European Roma, and there is a future threat to Northern Ireland from colonisers with no traditional or heritage ties to Ulster or its unique history. In truth there are those political elements who seek to achieve the Republican dream of splitting Ulster from the United Kingdom and integrating it into the Irish Republic via some arrangement with the European Union. But, there is still a determined majority of the Northern Irish population, including some from the Roman Catholic community, who want to keep Ulster British. Where the established Unionist political parties have failed, a British National Socialist alternative might yet succeed and build an Ulster that can prevail against the Globalists and remain as part of the United Kingdom.

One thought on “We Need To Build A National Socialist: ‘Alternative Ulster’”

  1. It looks like the Bernard Manning joke about a million Asians dropping in the centre of Belfast is actually happening. Ulster fought for the best part of 30 years to stay British, not to surrender to the blessings of diversity. Some time ago there were NS and KKK flags in loyalist areas so it goes to show there is resistance to mosques on every corner and the immigrant invasion. These flags brought strong condemnation from the establishment in Ulster, they even had a hissy fit over the presence of confederate flags. KEEP ULSTER WHITE KEEP ULSTER BRITISH.

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