April 20th 2020. A Salute !

April 20th

The British National Socialist Movement honours the date and salutes our racial comrades and kindred world wide.

This picture from the 1920’s was titled “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD”
National Socialism expounded by Adolf Hitler to a small gathering crowded into a small, cramped room. An image of a meeting familiar to so many NS activists in Britain and across the world.
On April 20th we salute the Great Man on his birthday!
Adolf Hitler’s birthday – how it was in 1930’s Germany.

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    “Theirs is a dying world anyhow, spiritually stricken beyond hope of redemption, and thus incapable of averting cyclic demise. In their frantic fear of Hitler’s spirit, they are well on the way to overreaching themselves through a denigration exceeding the bounds of credibility even for the captive herds of their media; thus causing a reaction in his favour. Nemesis may not only be possible, but not too far distant, they fear, and we hope. Some appreciable catalyst for this disillusionment can well come from the worldwide commemoration of his centenary, when – to the most agonizing disquiet of his enemies – we hold up the defiant torch to his memory with a thunderous affirmation that, despite all they have said and done, for us Hitler was right. This centenary is indeed for us a high time of meditation, a veritable sacrament of our faith in National Socialism which always has been in the depth of its nature a political religion, and now must have this quality brought to the surface and spread throughout its substance in order to have the capacity to contest and conquer in the future. As we focus our thoughts on the founder of our faith, embracing his spirit, we bring to life in memory all those who have lived and died in his cause, holding hands with them, and likewise with all those today, wherever they are, who actively serve that cause. Thus we create in comradeship of spirit a bridge of dedication, past to present and present to future. In so doing, there comes to us in consequence an emission of the sacred flame which imbued him. Then, in that moment is born within us an invincible renewal of the will to win. Heil Hitler!”

    – Colin Jordan, Adolf Hitler: A Man Against Time


    “Adolf Hitler declared, “After my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission.”…As Hitler himself foretold, his Spirit has now risen from the grave, and the world is seeing that He was right.” – James Larratt Battersby, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler



    “National Socialism is infinitely more than a mere political creed; the fact is that it is a way of life, a faith in the fullest sense of the word-one could say a religion, however different it may at first appear, from every existing system thus labelled in current speech. Religions are not as easy to uproot as mere political creeds.”

    – Savitri Devi, Pilgrimage


    “WE BELIEVE that Adolf Hitler was the gift of an inscrutable Providence to the world on the brink of Jewish-Bolshevik catastrophe, and that only the blazing spirit of this heroic man can give us the strength to rise, like the early Christians, from the depths of persecution and hatred, to bring the world a new birth of radiant idealism, realistic peace, international order, and social justice for all men.”

    – Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar


    “Slowly, bit by bit, I began to understand. I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic worldview of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific racial idealism — actually a new religion for our time.”

    – George Lincoln Rockwell


    “All roads lead to Hitler — or they lead nowhere.” ­ – —

    – Matt Koehl

    “Adolf Hitler believed that the universe was governed by natural laws, and that for man to be happy and successful, he must first acknowledge that these laws exist; secondly, he must discover what they are; and thirdly, he must live in accordance with them.”

    – Martin Kerr, Hitler Made Us Holy Again


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