The Assault on British Heritage and Tradition….Continues..

This Asian woman teaches at a British university. And this is what she thinks of the host population of the UK….
The ‘Woke’ Left parading in Glasgow in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’.
Middle-class, university educated and ‘virtue signalling’.
BRITISH MOVEMENT SAYS “Smash Cultural Marxism” The White British must win this cultural war and send the ‘Woke Left’ and liberals packing….
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3 thoughts on “The Assault on British Heritage and Tradition….Continues..”

  1. Its no surprise these comments have been made on the back of the BLM and tearing down our statues. The cultural marxists are becoming more confident but they will have no influence amongst white British workers.

  2. The MSM is presenting the black element of our society as victims of “oppressive” white culture. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The “Windrush” generation were economic migrants leaving black governed former colonies for a better life than they could possibly attain in the land of their birth. The criminal and militant sections of the current crop are mainly descended from this group, that were grateful to be given the chance to improve their situations.
    The Asian / Muslim immigrants that threaten our very society have a similar story. Neither group was forced into coming to our beautiful Country, yet we, (indigenous whites) are to be blamed for all the supposed “oppression”.
    If we look at almost all of our former colonies, they have descended into financial, industrial and social chaos, since we have given them independence.
    South Africa is in rapid decline and will collapse financially within 5 years, white genocide is endemic and the black government actively encourage tribal warfare.
    Of course this is not reported on the MSM, as it goes against the current narrative.
    So I say White lives matter” because without the white Anglo Saxon race the world would still be in the dark ages.

  3. The indigenous peoples of these island are targeted for extinction, as things stand no single part of the British Isles is ethnically pure with the deliberate & calculated Importion of alien people & their respective cultures designed to destroy the monoculture of our folk which has withstood war, pestilence and famine.

    Similarly the media has been utilised to provoke guilt in native Brits, the rewriting of history & the removal of illustrious fore bearers in statue form is an (un) natural consequence of this cultural Marxist agenda.

    Essentially we are in the initial stages of a revolution alien and cosmopolitan, the only hope for national and racial survival is a counter revolution based up the philosophy of National Socialism.

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