6 thoughts on “British Movement the Voice of British National Socialism.”

  1. The BNSM has come in for criticism from “certain quarters” but generally such critics do nothing more than post on forums, the Movement on the other hand is instrumental in the difficult and thankless task of promoting a counter culture in the face of cultural Marxism.

    Congrats to all flying the flag for the 14w!

    1. Thanks for the support. Building a British National Socialist counter-culture is a long term task and we must show determination and persevere.
      14 Words !

  2. From a politically homeless skinhead

    Since 16 I have held two values universally true

    – the equality of men and nations
    – freedom of speech.

    In my youth I fought for both.

    In the last 20 years the agenda has moved. Some groups identified as more equal than others. #metoo #blm #trans . That is not equality.

    I dont have a hashtag. There is now no longer any space for me on the mainstream or left agendas. True equality is worth fighting for, because no one needs a hashtag.

    Was I always on the wrong side, or has the world changed?

    Economically, I am an unreconstructed socialist. I have always been a nationalist.

    Is there room on your agenda for me?
    How many more are like me?
    Just askin’.

    1. Hello there
      You are welcome to follow our work and our campaigns.
      British Movement is a National Socialist organisation are we are committed to the concept of the Fourteen Words.
      We place our nation and Folk at the forefront of what we do.
      We seek to further international brotherhood with our racial kindred in Europe and across White nations.
      We do not seek to invade or dominate non-white nations. But equally we do not want their surplus populations in our homeland.

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