Multicultural Britain – 2021

The Ethnic Minorities now dictate to the White British majority.

Riding on the back of the Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020, now black and Asian community ‘activists’ and politicians are forcing their social justice agenda on to the majority (White) British population.

Left-wing ‘allies’ in local authorities and education chiefs, teaching bodies and social services are pushing ‘diversity’ and Critical Race Theory into every aspect of life, demanding the removal of ‘racist’, colonialist and imperial statues, monuments and street names. The current asylum and immigration laws are condemned as ‘racist’ and new levels of demands are being made in terms of housing illegal immigrants in four star hotels, with constant complaints about the quality of food, WiFi provision and general standards of accommodation. (It is now ‘unlawful’ to hold illegal immigrants in former army camps in Kent and South Wales).

The White British remain the majority population across the United Kingdom but in cities like London, Leicester and towns like Slough that will soon change.

Illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel to land on the coast of Kent.
The first week of July 2021 has seen record numbers landing from inflatable boats and dinghies. Since the beginning of the year an estimated 6,000 migrants have been picked up on England’s south coast – unknown numbers have landed undetected.
Ulster: British Movement sticker on a Left-wing poster. Letting the Left know that British Movement is on the streets too….

The Message from BM Ulster and Ulster Sunwheel

British Movement Ulster – fighting the internationalist and globalist agenda and political skull-duggery by the European Union.

New Web-site for British Movement (Northern England region) launched in July 2021.

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