The Great Replacement Continues. The migrant invasion of Europe will now be boosted by a mass exodus from Afghanistan.

The airlift from Kabul is only the beginning.
Thousands will come by land and sea.

A tidal wave of people who have no knowledge or understanding of Western European values, no appreciation of Western European laws and morality. No understanding of Western or British customs, traditions or our way of life.
Meanwhile the cross Channel invasion of Britain continues. August 2021 has experienced record numbers of illegal immigrants landing on the coast of Kent.
On just one day, Saturday August 21st, a new record of 600 illegal migrants were picked up on the beaches of Kent. This was overtaken several days later by 800 migrants landing on the south-east coast.
Britain cannot continue to absorb these people, especially as the UK government has announced its intention to take in 20,000 Afghan ‘refugees’.

The Cross Channel Invasion 2021

Record numbers of illegal immigrants are landing on the coast of Kent.
Almost 500 individuals in one day made an illegal landing on British beaches this month. Most are young men, most are economic migrants from the Middle East or Africa, most have destroyed their personal papers and passports to avoid deportation to their country of origin.

Thousands of illegal immigrants are being housed in hotels under special government contracts at tax-payers expense. These are not refugees or asylum-seekers, they are illegal immigrants and economic migrants.

August 7th 2021 – British Movement activists joined other racial Nationalists to protest outside on migrant occupied hotel complex in Leeds.

Homeless army veterans are forced to live on Britain’s streets but illegal immigrants are housed in hotels, get three meals a day, free WIFI, free medical care and a cash hand out every week