British Movement Campaign Against Housing Migrants in Hotels Continues

Saturday September 18th 2021. British Movement organises pan-Nationalist flash demonstrations outside migrant occupied hotel complexes in the Leeds city area.

Local action in the Leeds area – three different hotels which are totally occupied by migrants under Home Office contracts.
Local residents joined in with British Nationalists and British Movement activists.
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The White British are fighting back against the Great Replacement
The dispersal of illegal immigrants, so-called ‘asylum-seekers’, Third World economic migrants and Afghan refugees is taking place across the United Kingdom.
Government contracts through the Home Office are placing migrants across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

One thought on “British Movement Campaign Against Housing Migrants in Hotels Continues”

  1. Hello there

    Your website is very interesting. We will probably be inspired by your campaigns against migrants in hotels.

    Can you help us with one of our six nationalist petitions? Links here:

    Stop Germanophobie initiative is specially interesting. Last petition for a National memorial of ww2 also.

    Our main website is here :

    Our last blog is here :

    Best Regards

    Alexandre Bender, Swiss National Front

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