British Movement Looking Forward And Active in 2022

British Movement getting the word out thanks to the Mercian Volunteers
Hard At Work in the West Midlands- the Mercian Volunteers put out the
British Movement message
Now available on BitChute, Odysee and archive.
Now available on Odysee and Archive
Operating Across Britain – British Movement, active in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

2 thoughts on “British Movement Looking Forward And Active in 2022”

  1. I joined the British Movement in 1981/1982, in Cardiff, but had to leave as I joined the TA in 1982. Spent 3 years in the TA, 3RRW at Maindy Barracks. Its been a long time, I’m now approaching my 58th birthday, and I’m sick of foreigners coming here and getting everything while I get nothing off the state. How do I rejoin?

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