German Nationalists Interview British Movement.

The German Nationalist organisation Dritte Weg (Third Way) has published a two part interview with British Movement on the Third Way online news letter. Although the website is in German, there is a translated English language version available. Unfortunately the interview and some of the images of BM used in the interview had to be edited because of Germany’s draconian anti-NS laws. The BM Sunwheel emblem is not acceptable to German law as were mentions of ‘Mein Kampf’ and other overtly National Socialist related statements by BM.

British Movement – the British National Socialist Movement

2 thoughts on “German Nationalists Interview British Movement.”

  1. I do hope that you will publish this comment – What we do need to start to think about, is what form does National Socialism in Britain and for those in mainland Europe, take in 2023 onwards.
    Is National Socialism today and the future, a copy word for word from 1930`s-1940`s German National Socialism or will we forge together part of the past and new ideas on culture, identity, mass migration, weak democracy which is gradually destroying each European nation today? We cannot sit in the past. If we do, then National Socialism will never flourish in our 21st century

  2. First of all National Socialism is not just A. H. This idea have birth before his write his book. Every europe nation got his own nationalist tradisions, so they don’t need copy german ideas. For an example in Poland we have our ideologist of national socialism like Kazimierz Dagnan.He was ideologist of National Socialist Party in Poland before II WW. Also you in Britain have a lot original nationalist tadisions. All this german ideas are too much disgraced, and there is no future for them. National Socialism is the future but with no all this 18 stories.
    Greeting from Poland to uor British NS Comrades.

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