British Movement – Britain Awake! The time has come for radical change in British politics.

The British Movement message on a sticker in the West Midlands.
Part of an on going BM propaganda by the Mercian Volunteers.


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One thought on “British Movement – Britain Awake! The time has come for radical change in British politics.”

  1. Thousands upon thousands of young men from safe middle Eastern and South Asian nations along with North African and sub-Sharan African nations, flow yearly in to Britain, as so called asylum seekers. All have to be housed, healthcare, education and a Billion Pounds a year to keep them. Is this really what the people of Britain want? No, the majority do not. Each of these economic migrants ,from Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Iran, North Africa and all the other mainly safe nations that they come from, will one day hope for a wife and thus children and even more strain on our health service, education service and housing to name a few. I suggest Britain purchases a medium range sea liner and two rescue boats. All under the Rwandan Flag. Instead of the RNLI being a taxi service. The two rescue boats under the Rwandan Flag, picks these mainly Third World economic migrants up and take them to the medium cruise liner. After a few weeks let it sail to Africa and then the economic migrants transported to Rwanda once landed in Africa. All done under the Rwandan flag and thus, the so called Third World economic migrants, would not land in Britain and we would not be legally bound to allow them to claim asylum in our homeland.

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