Multicultural Britain starts to fall apart – Leicester and Smethwick

A mob of Muslim youths and men tear down a Hindu religious flag from the front of a temple in Leicester – although police were present it did not stop the mob from burning the Hindu flag

Leicester, Smethwick District of Birmingham and reports of disturbances in Luton.

The street ‘disturbances’ (according to police) but riots to anyone else, between rival mobs of Asians, not just youths but also adult men began in the city of Leicester on August 28th 2022 and continued throughout September, sometimes at weekends and sometimes on weekday evenings. Allegedly the trouble began following a cricket match on August 28th in the Asia Cup series, between India and Pakistan on the Indian sub-continent. Nationalist sentiments spread to the Indian diaspora in Britain and an escalating series of street clashes between Hindu Indians and Muslim Pakistanis began on the streets of Leicester. The violence increased over the weeks as ever larger mobs gathered and marched through opposing districts in East Leicester. Some groups were several hundred strong, basic weapons were in evidence, metal poles, pick-axe handles, crow bars and cricket bats, however, so far, police only arrested one teenager for possession of a knife. There was local, low key media coverage of these confrontations but generally the national mass media avoided reporting on the trouble. After all both police and media have to demonstrate ‘cultural sensitivity’ and any hint of criticising the ethnic minority communities could be interpreted as being ‘racist’.

Of course this did not apply to the Hindu and Muslim agitators who travelled to Leicester to ‘inspire’ their communities to defend themselves. After all shops were being attacked, property damaged, cars vandalised and individuals were assaulted. If White racial Nationalists had been conducting this prolonged level of street violence against the Asian communities, there would have been a media storm and a huge and immediate police response on a massive scale. As it went on in Leicester, the police response stepped up and by the last week of September a mere 47 people had been arrested. The police appeared to be reluctant to do more than crowd control and did not intervene when masked and hooded Muslims ripped down a Hindu religious flag from a Hindu temple and burned it. More Muslim agitators, known Islamist militants came to Leicester from London, Luton and Birmingham to organise protests while supporters travelled from all parts of the UK to swell the demonstrations. Meanwhile a radical Hindu nationalist flew into the UK on a ‘speaking tour’ and addressed meetings in Birmingham. Not surprisingly, by the second half of September the trouble had spread to the Smethwick area of Birmingham, and followed the same pattern, Hindu mobs gathered outside mosques, Muslim mobs gathered outside Hindu temples, vehicles were damaged, property vandalised and a Muslim owned mini-market was set on fire in an arson attack. The fire brigade personnel attending the burning premises were abused and attacked by a masked mob.

Such is the situation amongst the most colonised cities in the UK. Both Leicester and Birmingham have huge non-white populations. The Indian and Pakistani communities dominate entire districts in both cities. In fact Leicester is on course to become the first British city outside Greater London where the White British are destined to become an ‘ethnic minority’ in the city population. This is what decades of non-white immigration has done to Britain. The religious and ethnic tensions of the Indian sub-continent are now reflected on British streets. It can only get worse. Multiculturalism has failed and Britain will now face a growing urban disaster in the future as long as this situation is allowed to continue.

British Movement has opposed non-white immigration into the UK for decades and now all of our warnings about the consequences of a multi-racial society are coming true.

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