Nottingham – Blood on the Streets as another migrant takes British lives.

Despite all the promises by the Conservative government that they will ‘Stop the Boats’, the cross Channel invasion by boats of illegal immigrants continues and the growing presence of thousands upon thousands of non-white, Third World adults and occasionally children creates ever greater problems for the White British.
The Cross Channel invasion:- more illegal immigrants have arrived on Britain’s beaches this year so far than at this point in previous years.
Many migrants routinely destroy their passports and identity papers during the crossing making it impossible for Border Force to check their true identities, their real country of origin and nationality, their refugee status, criminal records or membership of terrorist organisations.
Many younger looking migrants falsely claim to be under 18 years of age so that they are accorded children’s status with the special treatment and protection granted under international treaties.
The murders in Nottingham were allegedly committed by a West African adult male, a migrant who had been granted ‘leave to remain’. He is not the first nor will he be the last ‘migrant’ to commit murder, rape, or terrorist acts on British soil. The stabbings and the van attack in Nottingham is just another in a long blood soaked list like the Manchester Arena bombing, the London Bridge attack, the London bombings, the Liverpool taxi bomb, the list goes on.

This is another example of the ‘cultural enrichment’ that illegal migrants bring to Britain.
And yet when these migrants commit crimes in Britain, left-wing activists fight to prevent their deportation and secure them free legal services and compensation!

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