Resisting the Great Replacement.

The liberal media describe these people as “desperately fleeing war/persecution/torture/oppression< * delete as appropriate>. However most are economic migrants, some are recently released criminals, many are unemployable, unskilled free-loaders keen to exploit the social welfare systems of Britain and mainland Europe.

The political Left and mainstream media broadcasters would have us believe that these are all future scientists, doctors and skilled workers all ready and willing to boost our economy and ‘contribute’ to our society. Experience has shown that this is rarely the reality. In a handful of cases in the UK, some ‘migrants’ have in fact been Islamist terrorists, others have been mentally unstable individuals, unemployable sociopaths who have gone on to commit violent crimes including murders.

Illegal immigration in the form of the cross Channel invasion, has resulted in the housing of ‘migrants and refugees’ in hotel complexes across the United Kingdom. All regions of the UK have been affected, pictured above is a migrant hotel protest by local activists in Northern Ireland.
This scenario has been repeated across England, Wales and parts of Scotland.
The real problem are the white liberals and Left-wing activists who are assisting, effectively aiding and abetting the great Replacement by welcoming, advising and sheltering illegal immigrants under the pretext that these ‘invaders’ are actually refugees or asylum-seekers, when in reality most are economic migrants interspersed with a number of career criminals.
It is an established fact that some of the NGO organisations ‘rescuing’ and assisting illegal migrants in the Mediterranean are part funded by globalist organisations or “international philanthropists’ such as George Soros.
British Movement has been in opposition to the cross Channel invasion from the beginning and continues to actively campaign against illegal immigration.
The Great Replacement is a threat to every part of the United Kingdom and to every part of Europe.

The 75th Anniversary of the first Caribbean immigrants arriving in Britain is not something for the White British to Celebrate.

June 1948 – the former troop ship ‘The Empire Windrush’ docked at Tilbury in Essex and off loaded 500 Jamaican immigrants, economic migrants seeking to find work in Britain.
Now in June 2023, the liberals, the Left and their multiculturalist allies are celebrating this as the 75th Anniversary of the ‘Empire Windrush’ and the first batch of the ‘Windrush Generation’.

The landing of the Empire Windrush in June 1948 set a dangerous precedent for the whole of the British Isles, because it was allowing the direct importation of non-European people as a permanent part of the population.

The Empire Windrush marked the beginning of non-white, Third World immigration into Britain which has continued ever since. Such is the threat to Britain’s ethnic makeup now that some observers believe that the White British, including other White Europeans resident in Britain will become the minority population by the year 2060.

FOURTEEN WORDS 75 years after the ‘Empire Windrush’ landed the first 500 non-white immigrants on British soil, the “14 Words” are now more urgent than ever.

Britain and Europe are facing the harsh reality of The Great Replacement.
Although the cross Channel invasion by illegal immigrants takes place by dinghy, inflatable rafts and small boats, it has the same negative impact on Britain, the economy, society and the ethnic makeup of the British population as the landing of the Empire Windrush back in 1948.
Seventy five years on and the successive British governments have learned nothing.
Now 75 years after the Empire Windrush arrived on British shores, the FOURTEEN WORDS have even greater significance for the people of Britain.