Taking a Stand Against the Globalists – British NS Movement.

The World Economic Forum once again gathered the globalist elite in Davos, Switzerland for the WEF Annual meeting. January 2024 in Davos witnessed the fleets of private jet aircraft ferrying in the wealthy, the ultra rich and the global political manipulators.

The WEF gathers the vanguard of the globalist movement at Davos; the politicians, the billionaires, the technocrats, internationalist academics, plutocrats, international financiers and policy makers.

On the streets of the West Midlands – the British Movement position is made clear – a small gesture of defiance which is repeated across Britain on BM stickers.
In their own words – the thoughts behind the WEF’s leading thinkers and policy makers. The driving force behind the globalist agenda.

British Movement refuses to accept that the Globalist New World Order is inevitable. Internationalism and global capitalism are the opposite sides of the same destructive coin.

Globalism is the driving force behind the Great Replacement and the White British and all White Europeans must stand against it .
The White British will not become an ethnic minority in their ancestral homeland!

A Time of Opportunity in Britain and Across Europe.

Across Europe the White Folk are waking up and the political Left is becoming alarmed at what they see as the ‘rising of the Far-Right’.
In real terms Europe is seeing a rising of racial Nationalist and folkish Nationalist organisations who are prepared to challenge the internationalist politicos of the European Union, the globalists of the World Economic Forum, the assorted elements of the ‘Woke’ Left and to oppose the Third World invasion that constitutes the Great Replacement.

In Britain too there are positive signs that the White British are waking up and are refusing to accept the political mainstream, are prepared to challenge the insidious campaigns of the ‘woke’ progressives and the political Left.

Above all the White British are opening their eyes to the reality of the Great Replacement, the un-ending Cross Channel illegal immigration, tens of thousands of so-called ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum-seekers’ living in hotels at tax-payers expense, while native British are living as homeless on the streets.
The Dark Reality of the ‘Great Replacement’ in Britain and Western Europe.

In London, the indigenous White British are now a minority population.
The image above is a representation of the reality of life for some White British children in the schools of some London boroughs.

Sadly this kind of dark reality is not confined to Greater London and is repeated in too many urban centres across metropolitan conurbations of England.
The many faces of the opponents and challenges that British Movement faces in the Britain of 2024.

It is the fact that patriots, racial Nationalists and National Socialists must face down all these threats that creates the opportunities to advance the Folkish politics of ‘Race and Nation’, to awaken the general public to the concept of the Fourteen Words. that offers our cause new paths ahead.
The Traditional Imagery of European National Socialism Always Has A Place In Our Iconography!
Another interpretation of the Fourteen Words but just as meaningful.
Aryan Europe is NOT a thing of the past!

Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda!


In the modern era it is vital that National Socialists and racial Nationalists make use of every means available to spread their message, from the simplest slogans to the most sophisticated publications and broadcasts, together with every medium in between.

While traditional methods such as posters and leaflets might appear dated, there is still a place for basic propaganda outlets today. In addition, the internet and social media have become indispensible tools in reaching a broader audience.

Whatever media type we employ the motivation remains the same, generating interest, creating grassroots recognition and support, building networks of supporters and activists.
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Revolution From Below: Building a British National Socialist alternative from the streets.

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Into 2024 – British Movement Ready to Campaign Against the Great Replacement.

Immigration: Legal and illegal immigration is undermining Britain as a White European Nation.
Illegal immigration is the main element of the Great Replacement.
The original Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan saw a future for Western Europe and Britain where the imported surplus populations of Africa and Asia would replace White Europeans as a cheap workforce and eventually over future decades, the resulting mixed-race population would replace the White Europeans and White British.
This future population and ethnic replacement featured in the 1970’s era fictional novel “The Camp of the Saints”, but in reality both the forces of global capitalism and political forces of Cultural Marxism sought to harness the concept of population replacement and mass migration.
Now in recent years the Great Replacement has been given actual impetus by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and by the political ideologists of the Trotskyites and Marxist-Leninists.
The mass exodus of populations from Africa, Asia and the Middle East pour into Europe by every available point of entry. Illegal boat crossings from North Africa into southern Europe,, followed by illegal boat crossings over the English Channel.
It Has To Be Stopped!

The White British and the White peoples of Europe must not become an ethnic minority in their own homelands. They must be guided into ethno-nationalists politics and must learn to think in terms of race and racial identity.
Our Folk Need To Learn And Understand The Concept Of The Fourteen Words!


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