Taking a Stand Against the Globalists – British NS Movement.

The World Economic Forum once again gathered the globalist elite in Davos, Switzerland for the WEF Annual meeting. January 2024 in Davos witnessed the fleets of private jet aircraft ferrying in the wealthy, the ultra rich and the global political manipulators.

The WEF gathers the vanguard of the globalist movement at Davos; the politicians, the billionaires, the technocrats, internationalist academics, plutocrats, international financiers and policy makers.

On the streets of the West Midlands – the British Movement position is made clear – a small gesture of defiance which is repeated across Britain on BM stickers.
In their own words – the thoughts behind the WEF’s leading thinkers and policy makers. The driving force behind the globalist agenda.

British Movement refuses to accept that the Globalist New World Order is inevitable. Internationalism and global capitalism are the opposite sides of the same destructive coin.

Globalism is the driving force behind the Great Replacement and the White British and all White Europeans must stand against it .
The White British will not become an ethnic minority in their ancestral homeland!

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