British Government to Define ‘Extremism’ and to include “Far-Right extremism” as a legal definition.


The Government minister Michael Gove declared that the British National Socialist Movement (BNSM) – <British Movement> is an extremist organisation; by which he states that the Movement is involved in amongst other things “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance that aims to; undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights.”

Interestingly Michael Gove used parliamentary privilege to name BNSM amongst four other organisations, he was hiding behind a legal loophole knowing that if he made those accusations outside the House of Commons, in public, he was open to civil lawsuits for libel at the very least.

So being an organisation challenging the current corrupt, self-serving and ineffectual political system means that this organisation is extremist. So be it. But BNSM/BM is not extremist it is British National Socialist.

This makes BM/BNSM extremist.

The Liverpool Echo newspaper jumped onto the ‘extremist’ bandwagon with this report on March 7th 2024

Horrific Nazi poster found in city centre ‘not representative’ of Liverpool

The poster praised a leading member of the Nazi Party as a “martyr of peace”

The British Conservative Government says that BNSM – BRITISH MOVEMENT is extremist but BNSM/BM stands against terrorism and Islamic jihadist terrorism.

The Liverpool Echo is ‘appalled’ by the concept of the Fourteen Words.

British Movement: It is Time To Step Up!

Soon all forms of British National Socialist and British racial Nationalist expression will be branded as ‘extremist’ and ‘Hate speech’.

On Friday March 1st 2024 the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, (an unelected Prime Minister who is a multi-millionaire son of Indian Hindu immigrants), made a speech to the nation decrying the rise in “extremism” – essentially imported Islamist extremism affecting the British way of life and security of the nation, but for ‘balance’ he also condemned the threat of ‘Far-Right’ extremism.

By ‘Far-Right’ present day commentators include anyone and everyone with opinions and political ideas to the ‘right’ of the Conservative Party. Anyone opposed to Third World immigration or multiculturalism is automatically branded as “Far-Right”. Likewise any White British person who objects to any aspect of ‘Woke’ policy or ideology is branded as ‘Far-Right’.

As far as the political mainstream is concerned anyone or any organisation that challenges their outlook or their policies is an ‘extremist’ and is therefore automatically a “threat to democracy”. The State and its agencies are obsessed with shutting down any form of ideological challenge to the rotating dictatorship of the two mainstream political parties, other than the permitted also-rans such as the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party. Anything else is an ‘extremist’. The State agencies are these days very fond of labelling any kind of verbal or printed challenge to multiculturalism or ‘Woke’ as a “Hate Crime” , except of course if those speeches or printed challenges are made by Islamic protestors or the radical political Left. There are rumours currently circulating British politics that if a Labour Party government is elected to power in 2024, it will extend the range of words, statements and attitudes that will constitute a “Hate crime” and will certainly crack down on white British opposition to Islamist and Muslim culture, dress and political expression. After all the Labour Party will want to win back its falling levels of support amongst immigrant and Muslim communities by demonstrating that it is taking a hard line against ‘racism’ and ‘Islamaphobia.’

Resistance to the imposition of this tyranny requires our BM activists and supporters to step up, to raise the banners and launch a tidal wave of British Movement propaganda onto Britain’s streets before it is too late to act.

The System will not allow us to win through the ballot box so we must win on the streets.