British Movement: Revolution From Below. Part 1.

Part 1. The White Towns Strategy. It is always best to seek out a receptive public when initiating a new campaign on the streets. Several years ago British Movement introduced the ‘White Towns Strategy’, which took literature distribution into town centres, specifically targeting smaller towns, market towns and shire towns which had little or no ethnic minority populations.

Campaigning on the Streets in Britain in 2024. The old street politics tactics are no longer possible in the UK in 2024, the restrictions on protests, marches or static demonstrations and ‘two tier policing’ make it imperative that British NS and racial Nationalists have to take extra care not to provoke an oppressive response from the Police. A prime example of ‘two tier policing’ and the shift in what is permitted by ‘woke’ authorities was the aggressive action by the Metropolitan Police towards patriots in Whitehall on the Remembrance weekend November 11th 2023. Over 100 patriots were rounded up in a mass arrest, only to be released without charge many hours later. On the same weekend the MET Police stood back as left-wing pro-Palestine, pro-Gaza demonstrators marched through central London and broke any number of Public order regulations without any arrests.

Britain in the 21st Century needs National Socialism to overturn decades of political corruption and national decay.
Fourteen Words – a motto the political Left hates….
The British state must not be allowed to continue ‘two-tier policing’ and wrongly labelling British racial Nationalists and National Socialists as “extremists” and potential terrorists. The arrests and persecution of patriots must end.
These ideas need to be pushed forward into every British household.
An appeal to British youth to look towards a real future.

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