Fighting Back Against the Toxic Impact of a Multicultural Britain.

Many times it has been said that the indigenous White British population were never consulted or given an opportunity to prevent the importation, settlement and eventual colonisation of British towns and cities by black, brown and other non-white populations.

Many times mainstream British politicians have deceived the British electorate about the reality of immigration, the impact of black, Asian and other non-white and Third World immigrants colonising Britain, of forcing changes to British laws and services to accomodate their cultures, customs and religious practices.

In recent months the Conservative MP and government minister Michael Gove claimed that the United Kingdom was a “success” because it was a “multicultural, multiracial, multi-faith democracy”. Ignoring the fact that over the decades since 1948, this situation has been imposed on the majority White British population whether they wanted it or not. British Movement has always opposed immigration, has always opposed multiculturalism, has always opposed the concept of a multi-racial Britain. It is not too late to halt the Great Replacement, to reverse the Third World invasion and colonisation of Britain and to make the idea of the Fourteen Words the cornerstone of a new way forward.

This is one of the messages that British Movement needs to hammer into the British public consciousness.
The liberal mainstream media refuses to accept that the Great Replacement is actually happening to Britain, Europe and even the USA. The mainstream media insists that the Great Replacement is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, a product of racist imagination and the liberal insistence that Open Borders is justified on humanitarian grounds.
The reality is that the surplus population of the Third World is flooding into Europe, is pouring across the southern borders of the USA, is literally invading the UK in a cross Channel armada of small boats, and now a slow but evident illegal migration is starting to hit Australia.
Unchecked illegal immigration is a dagger at the throat of the indigenous white British population. At the current rates of both legal and illegal immigration into Great Britain the previous forecasts that the White British would become an ‘ethnic minority’ in their homeland by 2066 are now being re-calculated and that doomsday event is rapidly moving forward in time.
14 WORDS – the Way Forward!
Only by directly appealing to the British public and getting the message out repeatedly can the influence of modern British National Socialism be built into the national consciousness.

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