Revolution From Below: Part 3.

Developing Active British National Socialism.

Instilling In modern British society and within the White British public a recognition of and understanding of the Fourteen words.

The above quotation stands as true today in Britain as it did in the past.
Beating out the message like a drum. Constant repetition of all the elements that BM is opposed to in modern British society will lodge in the minds of the general public. Hopefully the message will seep through and begin to focus their minds on where our country is going wrong and perhaps move them in the right direction.
Our Country and our Folk are worth fighting for even if our victory is decades away in the distant future.

The General Election will generate future political chaos in Britain.

After a pending General Election is over there is a tremendous need to build and mobilise the White British population against the current political system before chaos sets in.
Britain is sliding into multicultural, multi-racial, multi-faith degeneracy where increasing Third World influences generate a sectarian, anti-British, anti-white political strata. Liberal social democracy is corrupting our national values and undermining our traditions, heritage and customs. If nothing is done to force radical change, the White British will become a racial minority in their homeland.
Basic, simple messages – easily remembered by the general public and it lets them know exactly where BM stands.
The British public have lost trust in the mainstream political parties and can seem them for the corruption, self interest and greed they embody. A recent survey has shown that trust in the political establishment and politicians amongst the British population is now at an all time low.

This is fertile ground for building a grassroots British National Socialist alternative.

What Britain Needs is a Total Break from a Political System Where Organisations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) Exert Influence.

Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister by a clique within the Conservative Party, he was not elected Prime Minister by the British electorate. Sunak is a globalist technocrat with a track record of attending the WEF conferences in Davos.
Labour Party leader and would-be Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer is another globalist technocrat who is totally at home at the WEF conferences in Davos. Starmer is on record saying that he prefers the conferences at Davos to attending debates in the House of Commons!

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British Movement: Revolution from Below. Part 2.

The British White Working Class. The working class are the bed rock of the ‘Revolution from Below’ and an important step towards building a British National Socialist alternative to the current ‘multicultural and multiracial’ society is to develop and alternative to the Marxist led trade unions.

This is an article by a British Movement supporter in Essex, which proposes how the broader British racial Nationalist organisations should challenge the current trade union movement for working-class support. This was based on observations on the ‘Patriot’ march and rally held in central London on Saturday June 1st 2024 organised by assorted ‘civic nationalists’ allied to Tommy Robinson and was in no way an event reflecting British racial Nationalism and National Socialism but offered fertile ground for building on;

“Even the most pessimistic of Nationalists will recognise that at long last, the indigenous British people are finally waking up to the corrosive effect wrought by decades of unfettered and unskilled immigration. For as long as anyone can remember, people who believe in nothing more controversial than the preservation of this country’s culture and sense of fair play have been labelled as ‘racist’ by our political elite and their executive arm, the mainstream media.

But last weekend’s central London march organised by Tommy Robinson, provides the first tentative signs that ordinary people are tired of being marginalised and demonised for holding views which the majority of people regard as perfectly reasonable. Leaving aside any consideration of Mr Robinson’s ultimate motives, the right should derive some measure of comfort that he was able to mobilise a large group of patriots at such short notice despite the best efforts of the state and politicians to prevent this gathering.

Nevertheless, before we get carried away we should also recognise that politicians traditionally pay little heed to such protests. They are simply a barometer of who believes what, as evidenced by the wildly disparate groups of people who attend rallies in aid of Palestine and a return to the EU. The former comprises professional virtue signallers, students and ‘academics’ whilst the latter resembles your average home counties branch of Waitrose on a Saturday morning. What Saturday undeniably demonstrated, however, was that white working class people are implacably opposed to mass immigration and the attendant costs it poses in terms of spiralling crime and the increasing burden it places on the already creaking welfare state.

But if we accept the premise that the political elite does not recognise mass demonstrations, what positives, if any, can we draw from Saturday?

Because white working class people are often portrayed in the media as stupid and malleable – white van driving football hooligans – it is invariably forgotten that they are solely responsible for the smooth running of daily life in this country. Public transport, healthcare services, utilities and maintenance of the road network are dependant not on policy makers and bean counting bureaucrats but on working people operating both at the metaphorical and literal coalface. Without working people, the services we take for granted would literally grind to a halt overnight.

So what does this mean for the future of nationalism if the current first past the post electoral system offers little opportunities for change and that street protests are largely ignored?

The answer must lie with reinvigorating the trade union movement by loosening the grip of its left wing leaders. For too long, organisations that profess to represent the working class are nothing more than vehicles for the enrichment of its officials and the championing of causes that most ordinary people regard as repellent, but are nonetheless required to fund with their contributions and taxes.

A retaking of the trade unions by credible and sensible nationalists is a huge task which will require not only money, but equivalent amounts of time and energy.

Unlike the Labour Party, the Nationalist community enjoys no such alliance – it has always been fractured and riven by petty divisions resulting in the endless formation of splinter groups and internal schisms over issues which are of no importance to rank and file voters . Nationalists need to ‘rebrand’ themselves as the true voice of working people and distance themselves from those who regard politics simply as an opportunity to express their hatred for others.

The failure of nationalists to achieve meaningful electoral success can be attributed to its inability to address a captive audience of working people within the trade union movement. This approach will not appeal to everyone. Building grass roots support can often resemble a Sisyphean task requiring persistence and skill lacking in many so-called right wing activists. But without building a solid support base within an established structure like the trade union movement it is doomed to remain forever on the margins of society.

Getting the BM message out by traditional methods is important, but building a presence in communities requires much more.
The concept of the Fourteen Words must be hammered home so that even the politically inactive members of the British public understand what it means.
Building a National Socialist alternative to the Left-wing dominated trade unions.
Building a British National Socialist alternative.

Fighting Back Against the Toxic Impact of a Multicultural Britain.

Many times it has been said that the indigenous White British population were never consulted or given an opportunity to prevent the importation, settlement and eventual colonisation of British towns and cities by black, brown and other non-white populations.

Many times mainstream British politicians have deceived the British electorate about the reality of immigration, the impact of black, Asian and other non-white and Third World immigrants colonising Britain, of forcing changes to British laws and services to accomodate their cultures, customs and religious practices.

In recent months the Conservative MP and government minister Michael Gove claimed that the United Kingdom was a “success” because it was a “multicultural, multiracial, multi-faith democracy”. Ignoring the fact that over the decades since 1948, this situation has been imposed on the majority White British population whether they wanted it or not. British Movement has always opposed immigration, has always opposed multiculturalism, has always opposed the concept of a multi-racial Britain. It is not too late to halt the Great Replacement, to reverse the Third World invasion and colonisation of Britain and to make the idea of the Fourteen Words the cornerstone of a new way forward.

This is one of the messages that British Movement needs to hammer into the British public consciousness.
The liberal mainstream media refuses to accept that the Great Replacement is actually happening to Britain, Europe and even the USA. The mainstream media insists that the Great Replacement is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, a product of racist imagination and the liberal insistence that Open Borders is justified on humanitarian grounds.
The reality is that the surplus population of the Third World is flooding into Europe, is pouring across the southern borders of the USA, is literally invading the UK in a cross Channel armada of small boats, and now a slow but evident illegal migration is starting to hit Australia.
Unchecked illegal immigration is a dagger at the throat of the indigenous white British population. At the current rates of both legal and illegal immigration into Great Britain the previous forecasts that the White British would become an ‘ethnic minority’ in their homeland by 2066 are now being re-calculated and that doomsday event is rapidly moving forward in time.
14 WORDS – the Way Forward!
Only by directly appealing to the British public and getting the message out repeatedly can the influence of modern British National Socialism be built into the national consciousness.

We Will Have Our Country Back!

The Message on the Streets – driving the message into the public consciousness – Britain Awake!
Forget the Green Party wild plans, false promises and carbon neutral schemes – think Blood and Soil.
Within Days of announcing a General Election for the UK electorate, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced future plans for National Service in Britain. Strange because British Movement has already circulated British National Socialist plans for a system of National Service – perhaps some Whitehall civil servant read the BM policy and copied and pasted it.

The British Movement policy on National Service has been around long before the desperate Conservative Party announcement by unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. A policy that the British government either Conservative or Labour will not actually put in place.

Fourteen Words – the motto on which to take our country back!

British Movement: Revolution From Below. Part 1.

Part 1. The White Towns Strategy. It is always best to seek out a receptive public when initiating a new campaign on the streets. Several years ago British Movement introduced the ‘White Towns Strategy’, which took literature distribution into town centres, specifically targeting smaller towns, market towns and shire towns which had little or no ethnic minority populations.

Campaigning on the Streets in Britain in 2024. The old street politics tactics are no longer possible in the UK in 2024, the restrictions on protests, marches or static demonstrations and ‘two tier policing’ make it imperative that British NS and racial Nationalists have to take extra care not to provoke an oppressive response from the Police. A prime example of ‘two tier policing’ and the shift in what is permitted by ‘woke’ authorities was the aggressive action by the Metropolitan Police towards patriots in Whitehall on the Remembrance weekend November 11th 2023. Over 100 patriots were rounded up in a mass arrest, only to be released without charge many hours later. On the same weekend the MET Police stood back as left-wing pro-Palestine, pro-Gaza demonstrators marched through central London and broke any number of Public order regulations without any arrests.

Britain in the 21st Century needs National Socialism to overturn decades of political corruption and national decay.
Fourteen Words – a motto the political Left hates….
The British state must not be allowed to continue ‘two-tier policing’ and wrongly labelling British racial Nationalists and National Socialists as “extremists” and potential terrorists. The arrests and persecution of patriots must end.
These ideas need to be pushed forward into every British household.
An appeal to British youth to look towards a real future.

Britain Awake!

Propaganda – Propaganda – Propaganda. British Movement believes that winning the propaganda war on the streets and in the homes of the White British is the vital step forward in building a British National Socialist ‘Revolution From Below’. The average White British adult can now see that the main establishment political parties have wrecked our national economy, have betrayed British culture, heritage and traditions and have totally undermined our nation’s ethnic heritage. A multi-racial, multicultural Britain is a disaster and our major urban centres are becoming a focus for Third World attitudes, cultures and values, not British values. London is supposed to be Britain’s capital city but the ethnic makeup of London’s population no longer reflects Britain, the White British are now an ethnic minority in Greater London. That is a recipe for future turmoil and even greater social chaos. Diversity is NOT our strength it is a weeping, open wound in our national body.

The British people must realise that the Fourteen Words is the only political slogan worth following – We Will Have Our Country Back!

April 20th 2024 – 135 years on from his birth, the life of the Fuhrer is celebrated.

British National Socialists across the United Kingdom celebrated April 20th to mark the 135 anniversary of the birth day of Adolf Hitler. In Yorkshire BM activists held their annual ”Fuhrer hike’ across Ilkley Moor to the ‘Swastika Stone’ an ancient Aryan site of carved rocks.

April 20th 2024.British Movement activists celebrate the date at a pub meeting in Manchester. The ideological roots of British National Socialism remain strong.
Aryan women and girlsthese are the reason why the Fourteen Words are important to National Socialists worldwide.
And this tribute from the National Socialists at Devenire Europe.

Looking After Our Own!

Small scale but appreciated hand-outs for the homeless.

LOOKING AFTER OUR OWN! The British Movement social welfare project. Modern British National Socialism in action.

The British Movement social welfare project ‘Looking After Our Own’ is built on the model set down by the National Socialist DAP in the 1920’s and 1930’s; “Winterhilfeswerke” (WHW -Winter Help) and the later NSV.

Street propaganda campaigns help to spread the word.
Food hand outs for the homeless
Feeding the homeless, a BM activist giving hand-outs to the homeless in central Manchester :- there are over 7,000 homeless on the streets of Manchester and Salford, the majority are White British. But illegal immigrants and ‘asylum seekers’ are house in hotels and multi occupancy private rental houses at tax-payer’s expense. The Home Office pays out millions per week to house, feed, clothe, provide medical treatment etc. to ‘migrants’ but gives nothing to the British homeless.

Over the last twelve years or more British Movement has operated an on-going social welfare project ‘Looking After Our Own!’ which has fund raised, also ran collections at BM meetings called ‘Bring a Tin’, which organised food parcels for unemployed BM members, supporters and their families. This operated across the counties of England and Wales, as well as an experimental project in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, ‘Looking After Our Own!’ fund raised to cover funeral costs for bereaved BM families. ”Looking After Our Own!’ has also raised significant cash support for both BM members and known British Nationalists suffering from terminal illness or disabling conditions. The point being is that where State services fail to support, the NS network steps up.

Bring A Tin’ collection of foodstuff in Ulster awaiting distribution to impoverished families.
Ulster: The ‘Looking After Our Own” campaigns made it clear to those receiving the donated foodstuff exactly which organisation was behind the distribution.
No one ever refused the offered support.
Laying the foundations of the NS Folk Community.

Building strong support amongst White British folk is part and parcel of community politics, it demonstrates to non-political people exactly what British National Socialism is about and generates grass roots support for British Movement, especially in White working-class communities.

Building a support network outside the services provided by the State.
This is the first step towards the BM project -‘Community Build’.

So Now British Movement Are ‘Officially’ Classed As “Extremists”

Conservative Government have used the legal protection of ‘Parliamentary Privilege’ to name five organisations their ‘experts’ consider to be “extremist organisations” under new government definitions of what constitutes “extremism”. One of the five organisations so defined is BNSM – the British National Socialist Movement – more usually called BRITISH MOVEMENT.

Reproduced here is one of the mainstream media reports;

Michael Gove has named five groups that will be re-assessed as a result of the government’s new definition of extremism.
Speaking in the Commons, the communities secretary said two far-right organisations – the British National Socialist Movement and the Patriotic Alternative – and three Islamist organisations – the Muslim Association of Britain, Cage and Mend – were groups “we should be concerned” about.

The new definition described extremism as “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance” that aims to “negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others” or “undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights”.

So the Conservative Government is concerned to prevent a political movement from “overturning or replacing” the current shambolic, corrupt, rotating two party dictatorship system of government in the United Kingdom. Which since 1945 has usually meant that you can vote for any registered political party that you like as long as the majority party returned to power is either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. Officially sanctioned minority parties are allowed to be elected, such as the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the SNP in Scotland, Plaid Cymru in Wales, or assorted Unionist parties in Ulster, with the reluctant government tolerance of Sinn Fein. But radically racial Nationalist or British National Socialist parties and Movements will be kept away from challenging the capitalist and liberal/social democrat permanent control system.