GAZA – The Conflict in the Middle East – Are these the opening shots of a new war in the Middle East?

GAZA is a disaster waiting to happen. The fanatics of Hamas will willingly sacrifice the Palestinian civilian population in the interests of their ideology. At the same time the militant Zionists in Israel with eagerly destroy Gaza and indulge in a scorched earth military campaign to wipe Gaza off the map and claim the territory for ‘Greater Israel’.

British Movement Believes That the UK Government Should Keep Out of the Gaza Conflict- as British National Socialists we Oppose Both Sides: BM does not support Israel under any circumstances and is also totally opposed to Hamas and all forms of jihadist and militant Islamism.

Pictured above is an image of 10 Downing Street, London, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, lit up with a superimposed Israeli flag to demonstrate the British Government’s solidarity with the State of Israel, and support for Israel’s military retaliation against Hamas. This image was taken by the Reuters press agency and circulated world wide, inviting retaliation against Britain and British interests by forces hostile to Israel.

The multi-racial nature of support for Palestine and Gaza on the streets of central London, with total disrespect for London’s traditional statues and national heritage.
Every weekend across the month of October 2023 has seen ever larger demonstrations by pro-Palestinian crowds in support of Gaza and against Israel.
Mass immigration into Britain from Asia, Africa and the Middle East since the 1960’s has created a large Muslim population in the United Kingdom.
These protests have shown that these immigrant populations are hostile to Israel, hostile to Israeli action in Gaza and this could soon lead to serious unrest in major British cities.

Ian Stuart Donaldson – Remembering Ian Stuart – 2023

Thirty Years since his tragic death on September 24th 1993.
Ian Stuart – a talented singer/song writer, musician and NS political activist.
Ian Stuart was an ordinary, White working-class British lad who inspired many youngsters of the 1980’s and 1990’s.
ISD – Memorial gig – took place on Saturday September 23rd 2023.
Well organised and promoted by the North-East Nationalists in the city of Sunderland in the North-East of England.
Pictured above: Ian Stuart performing at a gig in the North East of England. 1990.

Resisting the Great Replacement.

The liberal media describe these people as “desperately fleeing war/persecution/torture/oppression< * delete as appropriate>. However most are economic migrants, some are recently released criminals, many are unemployable, unskilled free-loaders keen to exploit the social welfare systems of Britain and mainland Europe.

The political Left and mainstream media broadcasters would have us believe that these are all future scientists, doctors and skilled workers all ready and willing to boost our economy and ‘contribute’ to our society. Experience has shown that this is rarely the reality. In a handful of cases in the UK, some ‘migrants’ have in fact been Islamist terrorists, others have been mentally unstable individuals, unemployable sociopaths who have gone on to commit violent crimes including murders.

Illegal immigration in the form of the cross Channel invasion, has resulted in the housing of ‘migrants and refugees’ in hotel complexes across the United Kingdom. All regions of the UK have been affected, pictured above is a migrant hotel protest by local activists in Northern Ireland.
This scenario has been repeated across England, Wales and parts of Scotland.
The real problem are the white liberals and Left-wing activists who are assisting, effectively aiding and abetting the great Replacement by welcoming, advising and sheltering illegal immigrants under the pretext that these ‘invaders’ are actually refugees or asylum-seekers, when in reality most are economic migrants interspersed with a number of career criminals.
It is an established fact that some of the NGO organisations ‘rescuing’ and assisting illegal migrants in the Mediterranean are part funded by globalist organisations or “international philanthropists’ such as George Soros.
British Movement has been in opposition to the cross Channel invasion from the beginning and continues to actively campaign against illegal immigration.
The Great Replacement is a threat to every part of the United Kingdom and to every part of Europe.

The 75th Anniversary of the first Caribbean immigrants arriving in Britain is not something for the White British to Celebrate.

June 1948 – the former troop ship ‘The Empire Windrush’ docked at Tilbury in Essex and off loaded 500 Jamaican immigrants, economic migrants seeking to find work in Britain.
Now in June 2023, the liberals, the Left and their multiculturalist allies are celebrating this as the 75th Anniversary of the ‘Empire Windrush’ and the first batch of the ‘Windrush Generation’.

The landing of the Empire Windrush in June 1948 set a dangerous precedent for the whole of the British Isles, because it was allowing the direct importation of non-European people as a permanent part of the population.

The Empire Windrush marked the beginning of non-white, Third World immigration into Britain which has continued ever since. Such is the threat to Britain’s ethnic makeup now that some observers believe that the White British, including other White Europeans resident in Britain will become the minority population by the year 2060.

FOURTEEN WORDS 75 years after the ‘Empire Windrush’ landed the first 500 non-white immigrants on British soil, the “14 Words” are now more urgent than ever.

Britain and Europe are facing the harsh reality of The Great Replacement.
Although the cross Channel invasion by illegal immigrants takes place by dinghy, inflatable rafts and small boats, it has the same negative impact on Britain, the economy, society and the ethnic makeup of the British population as the landing of the Empire Windrush back in 1948.
Seventy five years on and the successive British governments have learned nothing.
Now 75 years after the Empire Windrush arrived on British shores, the FOURTEEN WORDS have even greater significance for the people of Britain.

Nottingham – Blood on the Streets as another migrant takes British lives.

Despite all the promises by the Conservative government that they will ‘Stop the Boats’, the cross Channel invasion by boats of illegal immigrants continues and the growing presence of thousands upon thousands of non-white, Third World adults and occasionally children creates ever greater problems for the White British.
The Cross Channel invasion:- more illegal immigrants have arrived on Britain’s beaches this year so far than at this point in previous years.
Many migrants routinely destroy their passports and identity papers during the crossing making it impossible for Border Force to check their true identities, their real country of origin and nationality, their refugee status, criminal records or membership of terrorist organisations.
Many younger looking migrants falsely claim to be under 18 years of age so that they are accorded children’s status with the special treatment and protection granted under international treaties.
The murders in Nottingham were allegedly committed by a West African adult male, a migrant who had been granted ‘leave to remain’. He is not the first nor will he be the last ‘migrant’ to commit murder, rape, or terrorist acts on British soil. The stabbings and the van attack in Nottingham is just another in a long blood soaked list like the Manchester Arena bombing, the London Bridge attack, the London bombings, the Liverpool taxi bomb, the list goes on.

This is another example of the ‘cultural enrichment’ that illegal migrants bring to Britain.
And yet when these migrants commit crimes in Britain, left-wing activists fight to prevent their deportation and secure them free legal services and compensation!

Remember the FOURTEEN WORDS!

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