The Invasion of Britain:- 2020

Illegal Immigration Continues Even Though the General Population of the United Kingdom is in Covid-19 Lock Down.

Across the English Channel a steady flow of illegal immigration is taking place during the calm seas and warm weather of April and May 2020. People smugglers based in the refugee squatter camps in France and Belgium are behind the armada of inflatable boats and RIBS carrying the illegal immigrants, mostly young men, and virtually all economic migrants. The mainstream media has largely ignored the situation preferring to focus on the Corona-virus emergency and parroting government guidelines and state approved ‘feel-good stories’

This is a very rare piece of reporting on the invasion by the BBC, but the BBC journalists seek to play the sympathy card for the illegal immigrants by referring to them as ‘refugees’ and as ‘undocumented migrants’.
This is more like the reality !
And the British government has very quietly flown in migrants from the refugee camps camps in Greece, claiming that they are “re-uniting un-escorted ‘Refugee Children’ with family members already settled in Britain. Yet rare media images reveal that some of these “children” look more like adults.
Meanwhile across the Mediterranean the Invasion of Europe continues.……
The Mainstream Media would have us believe that these are all potential Doctors, Nurses, Architects and Scientists…..

April 20th 2020. A Salute !

April 20th

The British National Socialist Movement honours the date and salutes our racial comrades and kindred world wide.

This picture from the 1920’s was titled “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD”
National Socialism expounded by Adolf Hitler to a small gathering crowded into a small, cramped room. An image of a meeting familiar to so many NS activists in Britain and across the world.
On April 20th we salute the Great Man on his birthday!
Adolf Hitler’s birthday – how it was in 1930’s Germany.

The Struggle for White Survival Continues. If the White British are to remain the racial majority in the British Isles beyond 2050 we must make our people racially aware and halt multiculturalism.

Artwork provided by comrades at BM Scotland

We Need To Build A National Socialist: ‘Alternative Ulster’

As the dust settles from the December 2019 General Election, Ulster is faced with both new problems and continuing problems. The pro-Republican elements in Northern Irish politics have gained ground, the old style compromised Democratic Unionists have lost ground and Stormont remains in dead-lock. Across the Province, the harsh reality is that the population make-up is changing, especially in cities like Belfast where increasing numbers of non-European and non-whites are starting to settle. Add to this the numbers of other unwelcome colonisers such as East European Roma, and there is a future threat to Northern Ireland from colonisers with no traditional or heritage ties to Ulster or its unique history. In truth there are those political elements who seek to achieve the Republican dream of splitting Ulster from the United Kingdom and integrating it into the Irish Republic via some arrangement with the European Union. But, there is still a determined majority of the Northern Irish population, including some from the Roman Catholic community, who want to keep Ulster British. Where the established Unionist political parties have failed, a British National Socialist alternative might yet succeed and build an Ulster that can prevail against the Globalists and remain as part of the United Kingdom.

Scotland – fighting back against multi-culturalism

Perth this week Contrived media outrage over pro-White stickers. Just because the stickers stated that it is ‘OK TO BE WHITE’.

Why on earth should Police Scotland be involved in ‘investigating’ these stickers? If the stickers declared ‘Black Pride’ or ‘Gay Pride‘ there would be no comment or media outcry.

British National Socialism

In times of political uncertainty the British people need a focus, an ideology that provides a meaning to their lives, a break away from the materialism, debt driven consumerism and enforced multiculturalism. National Socialism provides a source of higher thinking and a cause to campaign for and a future alternative to decadent liberal democracy. Colin Jordan, the founder of British Movement and veteran British National Socialist left behind a legacy of political idealism.

British Movement: A Short History

British Movement today has grown, developed and evolved from an idea and the need to restructure British National Socialism in the post-1945 era. Contrary to what a number of left-wing sources have claimed, British Movement is not some kind of “splinter group from the National Front”, nor is it a “breakaway faction from the BNP”, nor is the present day British Movement a different organisation from the BM founded in 1968; it is not BM Mark 2, Mark 3 or whatever label is invented by lazy journalists. British Movement (British National Socialist Movement) is a continuation of the original organisation founded by Colin Jordan.

The British Movement was founded in the summer of 1968 by Mr Colin Jordan and a handful of comrades after the earlier National Socialist Movement had been disbanded in May 1968. The legal pressures and prosecutions of the NSM leadership, internal disputes and changing ‘Race Relations’ laws had called for the need for a new approach.

Initially BM relied on the notoriety and media high profile of Colin Jordan to gain newspaper headlines and media coverage, dwarfed by the larger, populist Nationalism of the National Front, BM remained small and relatively obscure as an organisation on the fringes of so-called ‘Far-Right’ politics. At this time in its history BM stood candidates in both local and national elections, but only in a handful of seats in the West Midlands and Merseyside.

In 1975 Mr Jordan resigned his leadership of the Movement in the face of increasing family pressures and the consequences of the infamous ‘Tesco Case’. None the less he continued to support BM and wrote occasional articles for its publications. The leadership post of BM National Chairman, fell to the former BM National Secretary and Merseyside organiser Mr Michael McLaughlin.

Mike McLaughlin moved the BM national office to Merseyside, and then some months later to a donated premises in Shotton, North Wales. When Mr McLaughlin took over the Movement he found the organisation to be at a low ebb, little in the way of funds, an active membership of less than 100 people, few resources and no influence. He resolved to build up the membership, generate a higher media profile for BM and to create an image of BM which would appeal to youth.

Over the next five years British Movement grew and expanded, by the beginning of the 1980’s British Movement had become the face of racial British National Socialism on the streets, on the football terraces and across urban Britain. BM continued to stand occasional candidates in local elections but the main focus was on high profile marches and street demonstrations. This raised profile had a downside to it. The high profile drew violent confrontations on the streets between BM and militant left-wing groups as well as violence from organised non-whites and immigrants. The State also cracked down hard on BM and prosecuted many BM activists at every opportunity.

After a short prison term on charges of ‘inciting race hate’, Michael McLaughlin found himself under pressure from both the State and from planted ‘anti-racist’ infiltrators. McLaughlin sought to change the Movement image; without warning he expanded the Party’s name to BNSM: British Nationalist and Socialist Movement. A name change that was not popular with the membership and was opposed by many BM organisers.

However BRITISH MOVEMENT remained the organisational campaign name. Then, almost without warning in late 1983 Mike McLaughlin announced his resignation from the BM leadership, he closed down the BM National office in Shotton but did not appoint a successor, stating that he was going to put ‘the Movement on ice’.                     This situation was rejected by the remaining BM organisers and BM Leader Guard who came together in 1984 to salvage the Movement, to rebuild and re-organise what remained of BM and to resurrect the organisation. The sacrifice, and losses of previous years would not be abandoned and from very little remaining resources British Movement began to revive. The campaign name BRITISH MOVEMENT was restored, BNSM was re-titled as the British National Socialist Movement, the highly unpopular word “and” was dropped. A new governing body was in place, the 1984 Committee, named after the year of BM’s rescue. In 1985 the first Annual General Meeting of the revived British Movement established a new structure to BM, set out a development programme in the form of Project 2000, and set out a series of fund raising and low-profile activities to get BM back on track. As time progressed it was determined that the new BM National Chairman would remain anonymous to the outside world and a new BM National Secretary would build up a new BM administration based outside London, eventually settled in Northern England. BM would no longer contest elections and would operate as an extra-parliamentary organisation.

British Movement has continued to develop, campaign and carry the torch for modern, British National Socialism and maintains a tradition first set down by Colin Jordan in July 1968.  In the summer of 2018, British Movement celebrated Fifty Years of being an active British National Socialist Movement.