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The British Movement podcast – May 2023

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Out on the streets of the West Midlands

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Media Hysteria Over British Movement Propaganda Campaigns in North London

Local news media in a complete over reaction to British Movement stickers and mini-posters appearing in supposedly ‘diverse’ districts of North London.

The liberal and Marxist mind cannot cope with the evidence of British National Socialist propaganda activity in their area, the cultural Marxists in the local news media reacts with a level of near hysteria at even so low level BM activity. The political Left cannot handle the notion that some people reject their obsession with multiculturalism and diversity and actually believe in concepts such as a Family and Folk community; patriotism, racial Nationalism, racial integrity and pure National Socialist politics.

The Great Replacement is Happening in Britain

This is the ‘British’ Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party
This is the First Minister for Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party,
Mr Humza Yousaf together with his family.
Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan
British Government Minister and Home Secretary Suella Braverman
Anas Sarwar – leader of the Labour Party in Scotland
This is symbolic of the takeover of the leadership in British politics and clear evidence of the Great Replacement happening in the United Kingdom.
BRITISH MOVEMENT stands by the Fourteen Words and believes that the White British population must wake up to the threat of the Great Replacement.
All indications are that based on current population trends, the White British will become a minority population in their homeland by the year 2050.
Already in London, Britain’s capital city, the White British are the minority population.

Under the Sunwheel; British Movement podcast – January 2023

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Illegal Immigrants continue to flood the UK.
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British Movement: Campaigning against the ‘Great Replacement’ and fighting to bring the ’14 Words’ to the British people.

The liberals, leftists and the ‘Woke’ are constantly beating the drum about the myth of ‘White Privilege’ – but the reality for ordinary White folk is very different to the Marxist fantasy the Woke promote.
Urban or rural – the message from BM remains the same
British National Socialist Defiance !
British Movement rejects multiculturalism- rejects a multi-racial society and is determined to organise and motivate the White British to take our country back.