British Movement: The Struggle to Bring National Socialism to the United Kingdom goes on….

Image designed by a German comrade.
BROADSWORD – the British Movement magazine – issue 64 is now available for sale from NS Press UK . c/o BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike,
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Colin Jordan in 1962 at the NSM Cotswold Camp near Guiting Power, where the WUNS was founded. In 1968 Colin Jordan founded British Movement.
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The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks a turning point in UK domestic politics.

The Queen was not a National Socialist but her late uncle, Edward Duke of Windsor was the closest member of the British monarchy to acknowledge National Socialism.

British Movement Campaigning Against the Woke and Liberal Degeneracy

Leeds city centre on Saturday August 6th 2022: BM activists joined other British racial Nationalists, patriots and concerned parent action groups to confront this type of degenerate event. Thanks to the pressure from ‘our side’ only one of these ‘Story Hour’ events took place. The Halton library and Chapel Allerton library events were cancelled.

Pictured below: These were the political groups defending ‘Drag queen Story Hour’ and opposing the pan- Nationalist demonstration.

Anti-Fa banner alongside LGBTQ activists.

And this is the degeneracy British Movement is opposing.

This is not normal behaviour- A Drag Queen in a children’s library event.



British Movement – Britain Awake! The time has come for radical change in British politics.

The British Movement message on a sticker in the West Midlands.
Part of an on going BM propaganda by the Mercian Volunteers.


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German Nationalists Interview British Movement.

The German Nationalist organisation Dritte Weg (Third Way) has published a two part interview with British Movement on the Third Way online news letter. Although the website is in German, there is a translated English language version available. Unfortunately the interview and some of the images of BM used in the interview had to be edited because of Germany’s draconian anti-NS laws. The BM Sunwheel emblem is not acceptable to German law as were mentions of ‘Mein Kampf’ and other overtly National Socialist related statements by BM.

British Movement – the British National Socialist Movement

British Movement: Putting the British National Socialist message out across the United Kingdom.

Historic streets – modern message
Modern street – the Fourteen Words!
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West Midlands – Mercian Volunteers activity
Not On Our Watch – BM podcast out now on Odysee