British Movement : March 2021 updates.

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Opposing multiculturalism – Cheetham Hill Manchester
Spreading the message of 14 Words – Mercian Volunteers
Under the Sunwheel
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British Movement ideas and activity in February 2021 at a glance.

14 Words
Sticker action in the West Midlands by the Mercian Volunteers
Not just television – the CIA were heavily involved in funding the development of Facebook.
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The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions greatly interfere with our planned activities but the message of British National Socialism continues to go out onto the streets

British Movement looks towards the New Year of 2021.

2021 will be a year of challenges and we hope growing resistance to the forced restrictions of Covid-19 lockdown. We will not bow to the globalist agenda of the ‘Great Reset’ or UN Agenda 21.

British Movement will continue to stand by the Fourteen Words and will continue to resist forced multiculturalism, the forced imposition of a multi-racial, multi-faith, pluralist society on Britain.

British Movement looks towards the regeneration of the British Folk and will work tirelessly to generate a ‘Great Awakening’.

Inspirational image from BM Ulster
Inspirational image from BM Scotland
BM Wales – Dragon and Sunwheel

British Movement: Keeping the British National Socialist Message going out on the streets in the face of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

On the streets of Salford in the North of England.
Salford – November 2020

Manchester – November 2020

British Movement :- Campaigning against multiculturalism and defying ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Fighting for the Fourteen Words.

FOURTEEN WORDS – A simple but meaningful motto and an ideal worth fighting for….

British Movement – contact us…

Covid – 19 Restrictions do not mean that the other problems and pressures on our Nation have gone away. Nor does it mean that the propaganda war has gone on hold – far from it. Across the West Midlands, the Mercian Volunteers continue to put out the British Movement message.

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Fourteen Words

Fighting Back – Resisting Multi-Culturalism and the ‘Great Replacement’

The British way of life is under attack as never before; illegal immigration by cross Channel migrants are reaching even higher levels than last year. ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests are seeking to force a Marxist agenda on British politics. Non-white faces are over represented in advertising, the news media, sport and entertainment. The White British must wake up and resist because soon it will be too late.

Getting the Word out on British streets while we still have a voice !
Britain is being colonised – British values, British traditions, British culture, the indigenous British ‘Folk’ are being marginalised, entire districts are no longer White British and in London the White British are the minority population.
In 2020 there are 48,000 illegal immigrants officially listed as being in the UK, but how many more are here and not on official figures?
Britain is being colonised and the invasion of Britain by non-white, non-Europeans continues every day, every week, every month.
This cannot continue.
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