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The Cross Channel Invasion 2021

Record numbers of illegal immigrants are landing on the coast of Kent.
Almost 500 individuals in one day made an illegal landing on British beaches this month. Most are young men, most are economic migrants from the Middle East or Africa, most have destroyed their personal papers and passports to avoid deportation to their country of origin.

Thousands of illegal immigrants are being housed in hotels under special government contracts at tax-payers expense. These are not refugees or asylum-seekers, they are illegal immigrants and economic migrants.

August 7th 2021 – British Movement activists joined other racial Nationalists to protest outside on migrant occupied hotel complex in Leeds.

Homeless army veterans are forced to live on Britain’s streets but illegal immigrants are housed in hotels, get three meals a day, free WIFI, free medical care and a cash hand out every week

Multicultural Britain – 2021

The Ethnic Minorities now dictate to the White British majority.

Riding on the back of the Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020, now black and Asian community ‘activists’ and politicians are forcing their social justice agenda on to the majority (White) British population.

Left-wing ‘allies’ in local authorities and education chiefs, teaching bodies and social services are pushing ‘diversity’ and Critical Race Theory into every aspect of life, demanding the removal of ‘racist’, colonialist and imperial statues, monuments and street names. The current asylum and immigration laws are condemned as ‘racist’ and new levels of demands are being made in terms of housing illegal immigrants in four star hotels, with constant complaints about the quality of food, WiFi provision and general standards of accommodation. (It is now ‘unlawful’ to hold illegal immigrants in former army camps in Kent and South Wales).

The White British remain the majority population across the United Kingdom but in cities like London, Leicester and towns like Slough that will soon change.

Illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel to land on the coast of Kent.
The first week of July 2021 has seen record numbers landing from inflatable boats and dinghies. Since the beginning of the year an estimated 6,000 migrants have been picked up on England’s south coast – unknown numbers have landed undetected.
Ulster: British Movement sticker on a Left-wing poster. Letting the Left know that British Movement is on the streets too….

The Message from BM Ulster and Ulster Sunwheel

British Movement Ulster – fighting the internationalist and globalist agenda and political skull-duggery by the European Union.

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The Voice of National Socialism in Britain

An Update of an Historic NS Image:

The enemies of the White Peoples of the World.

Glasgow: Illegal Immigrants Freed By Marxist Mob.

This is Scotland in 2021. A Left-wing mob prevents the detention and deportation of two illegal immigrants. When a team of Home Office immigration enforcement officers arrested two suspected illegal immigrants, a group of leftist activists blocked the street and used social media to summon reinforcements from the local Asian community and from Left-wing organisations across the city. Hundreds of self-styled ‘anti-racists blocked the streets and prevented the lawful removal of the illegal immigrants.

Officers from Police Scotland surround the Home Office enforcement van but do not clear the street. Over an eight hour period the van was trapped in Kenmore Street, in the Pollokshields district of Glasgow.
The police allowed a known radical, human rights lawyer to enter the van and discuss the situation with the two arrested men for over five hours.
The Asian lawyer conversed with the men in Punjabi because the two Indian men did not understand sufficient English.
After an eight hour standoff – Police Scotland instructed the Home Office enforcement team to release the detained men, who were both Punjabi speaking Indian nationals. Both suspected illegal immigrants were working as volunteers at a Sikh temple in the south-side of Glasgow.
On this day the officers of Police Scotland handed Marxist groups a victory that they will now repeat across the United Kingdom.

British Movement: Fighting Against Globalism and Cultural Marxism.

Britain, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and possibly all Western Civilization is under attack by the combined forces of the Globalists, Cultural Marxists and International Finance. A toxic mixture of powerful, international economic elites, ‘One-world’ Internationalists, the assorted factions of the political Left and the old enemies of Western Culture and the White Race.

Sadly the majority of the White British population have been conned into believing that there are no threats to their materialistic way of life. They accept the word of the mass mainstream media as the truth. Consumerism and celebrity culture fogs their minds.
The lie that multiculturalism is not a threat to the nation and that ‘equality’ and diversity benefits the nation.
The time has come for a Great Awakening !

Ulster: Still a battleground of conflicting ideals, still a battleground for conflicting cultures and traditions, the internationalists are slowly increasing the non-white population of Northern Ireland in the belief that a ‘multi-racial, multicultural Ulster’ will be easily shifted into a united Ireland. A united Ireland controlled by the European Union and with an increasing non-white population in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This image of Aryan pride in Ulster and its history is just one of several items of
British Movement literature that have been attacked by the forces of the

political Left in Northern Ireland.
(see below)
Strange how elements like ‘Progressive Politics’ seek to silence opposition to a multicultural, Marxist future in Northern Ireland, and consider that to be “progressive”.
Available now from NS PRESS UK – Broadsword issue 60.


British Movement: Keeping the British National Socialist Message going out on the streets in the face of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

On the streets of Salford in the North of England.
Salford – November 2020

Manchester – November 2020

British Movement :- Campaigning against multiculturalism and defying ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Fighting for the Fourteen Words.

FOURTEEN WORDS – A simple but meaningful motto and an ideal worth fighting for….

British Culture, Heritage, Traditions and History is under attack by Cultural-Marxists.

” The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster.” Milan Huebl.

The current situation in the United Kingdom is serious indeed as the Cultural Marxists exploit the openings created by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has established a special committee to list all monuments and statues in London that they consider to be ‘racist’ or ‘imperialist’ so that those monuments can be removed and replaced by more ‘acceptable’ (politically correct) monuments. Already the ‘BLM’ protest mobs have forcibly removed a 19th Century statue from the centre of Bristol and across the country monuments and memorials have been daubed with ‘BLM’ and self-styled ‘anti-racist slogans. Meanwhile non-white MP’s and left-wing dominated education authorities are demanding that the national school curriculum is changed to reflect ‘Black Lives’ and ‘Black History’ with a new emphasis on the “legacy of British imperialism”, the so-called “crimes of the British Empire”, the exploitation of colonial people, the British role in the slave trade, and how much “black people have contributed to British society”. No explanations have been given as to how much re-writing of British history and culture will take place, but the signs are ominous. The politically correct agenda is even now being expanded to target those figures from Britain’s past who are not only deemed to have been ‘racist’ or a ‘white supremacist’ but also those considered to have been ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘homophobic.’ Already a private school in Sussex has announced that it will withdraw all copies of the Harry Potter books because the author JK Rowling has been deemed ‘trans-phobic’. First they will remove statues, then buildings, then books and films. The Great Replacement is under way in Britain in 2020.


The Invasion of Britain:- 2020

Illegal Immigration Continues Even Though the General Population of the United Kingdom is in Covid-19 Lock Down.

Across the English Channel a steady flow of illegal immigration is taking place during the calm seas and warm weather of April and May 2020. People smugglers based in the refugee squatter camps in France and Belgium are behind the armada of inflatable boats and RIBS carrying the illegal immigrants, mostly young men, and virtually all economic migrants. The mainstream media has largely ignored the situation preferring to focus on the Corona-virus emergency and parroting government guidelines and state approved ‘feel-good stories’

This is a very rare piece of reporting on the invasion by the BBC, but the BBC journalists seek to play the sympathy card for the illegal immigrants by referring to them as ‘refugees’ and as ‘undocumented migrants’.
This is more like the reality !
And the British government has very quietly flown in migrants from the refugee camps camps in Greece, claiming that they are “re-uniting un-escorted ‘Refugee Children’ with family members already settled in Britain. Yet rare media images reveal that some of these “children” look more like adults.
Meanwhile across the Mediterranean the Invasion of Europe continues.……
The Mainstream Media would have us believe that these are all potential Doctors, Nurses, Architects and Scientists…..